Sketch Out the Eye

Now that we have some notion of the sheer variety that can be obtained with a single eye, let’s go ahead and start putting everything together.

Take the quick sketch we made above to actually start doing some serious artsy stuff here and begin our journey to being the new Michelangelos!

Create a new canvas, name the existing layer “Background”, and set your foreground color to #dcb6a3 and your background one to #963931.

Using the Gradient Tool (G) set to Foreground to Background, drag from the left to the right to create a skin-toned gradient. Then take a hard, round Brush (B), set its Size Jitter and Opacity Jitter to Pen Pressure, and set your foreground color to #000000.

Create a new layer, name it “Sketch”, and sketch out a base shape of your liking. You can use the initial one we did, or you can pick any of the ones we’ve covered so far!