Art Introduction

What is Art?

The work of art is an expression given as a concrete tangible form existing in space. From ancient days till today, art has been expressed and communicated through different mediums. This expression in man distinguished him from other living beings.

What is the Nature of art?

‘Art does not reproduce what we see rather it makes us see’, says Paul Klee. This may be true. The ability in art is the power to invent, create and design with originality. Art is not static, it progresses in many things. Things may be concrete, or abstract. Each has its own concrete expression of thought and feeling that art expresses through art.

What is the connection between Art and Man…?

Man is a piece of nature and art is produced by him. This is the connection between art and nature says George Bernard Shaw. Art is essentially man-made and therefore different from nature itself.

Art is the result of imagination combined with technical and physical.

The work of art is the artist’s mind put forth by the body. It is an experience both for the artist who produces it and the observer who is benefited by the product. Art is created when an artist creates a beautiful object or produces a stimulating experience that is considered by his audience to have artistic merit.


The Fundamentals of Art is divided into two sections

a)  Elements of art

b)  Principles of art

When an artist creates a work of art he makes use of the elements of art and employs the principles of art.